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Ban Dog Racing In Florida

Let’s Put an End to Dog Racing in Florida

Eliminate the Inhumane Treatment of Dogs

Since 2013, when Florida began requiring the state’s dog tracks to report mortality data, over 400 greyhounds have been reported dead — or one every three racing days. Greyhounds endure lives of confinement, and are given dangerous drugs including anabolic steroids. This constitutional amendment is an opportunity for the industry to gracefully transition away from greyhound racing. Tom Lee’s proposal gradually phases out dog racing in a way that reduces disruption to the industry and protects the dogs.

Save Florida Money

Dog racing is a declining industry. Greyhound racing is already illegal in 40 states. Since 1990, the amount wagered on greyhound racing in Florida has declined by 75% and state revenue has declined by 98%. When ALL costs are considered, the state lost between $1 million and $3.3 million on greyhound racing in 2013 and has only continued on this declining trend — Florida actually loses money, net to tax revenue, from dog racing. It is time to end this inhumane practice.

Let the Voters Decide

The Legislature has been fighting to end greyhound racing for over a decade, but special interests derail the issue every year. This proposal goes beyond attempts at “decoupling,” (the effort to remove requirements for tracks to run live races if they wish to offer other gambling, such as cardrooms). Under decoupling, tracks could still choose to run dogs. This proposal takes the issue out of the hands of legislators and lobbyists and puts it in the hands of Florida voters.

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I support Senator Tom Lee’s proposal to put an end to dog racing in the state of Florida once and for all. Not only is this a declining and outdated business practice, but it is borderline abusive to greyhounds. The dogs must endure long days in tiny cages, force-feeding of drugs, and a lack of overall care for their well-being. It’s inhumane! This horrible practice is already illegal in 40 states – it’s time Florida joins the 21st century. Please help man’s best friend and end this practice before it does any more harm!