Demand Accountability

Demand Accountability

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Commonsense Proposal

Senator Tom Lee is proposing that the Florida Chief Financial Officer be required to review and certify state contracts if the contract requires payment of more than $10 million. This commonsense proposal will put additional checks and balances in place to protect our tax dollars and stop potential wasteful spending.

Wasteful Spending Problem

There is a lack of accountability in state government and without much-needed CFO oversight, wasteful spending will continue to happen. Tampa International’s $3.5 million art budget included nearly $1.2 million for just three pieces of artwork! It’s an airport, not the Louvre! Thanks to Senator Tom Lee, the Tampa International Airport was audited for its outrageous spending. The Florida Lottery was even tied up in a lawsuit over a 10 year $700 million contract, spending far beyond existing budget limitations. This kind of wasteful spending cannot continue. It’s time to run government like a business!

Sign the petition for additional checks and balances and to demand more accountability.


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I support Senator Tom Lee’s proposal to require the Chief Financial Officer’s approval for spending contracts over $10 million. Without this much-needed oversight, wasteful spending can and will continue to happen.

As a taxpayer, I deserve accountability and transparency to ensure my hard-earned dollars are spent wisely. That’s why Senator Tom Lee’s proposal is necessary to keep government spending accountable to the people!