End Public Funding for Stadiums

End Public Funding for Stadiums

Wealthy Billionaires Are DEMANDING Taxpayer-Funded Subsidies… On Our Dime!

Our Taxpayer Dollars Subsidizing Multi-Millionaire Sports Team Owners? THAT’S NOT RIGHT!

FACT: Florida spent $23 million on sports stadiums in 2016, while beach restorations were underfunded (source)

FACT: Wealthy sports team owners seek our hard-earned dollars for their own unnecessary stadium upgrades, when they could easily pay their own bills

Florida stadiums that were denied funding with taxpayer-funded subsidies all managed to complete or start construction on projects anyway (source)

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I support Senator Tom Lee’s efforts to stop millions of hardworking taxpayer dollars from funding lavish stadium construction projects. Sports teams are highly successful businesses with wealthy, multi-millionaire owners who can afford their own upgrades— yet time and time again, Floridians are forced to foot the bill. It’s not fair, and it’s not right! Stop this practice of funding unnecessary and extravagant projects with our hard-earned taxpayer money!